It’s Police Auction time again in WA with 120 bikes going under the hammer!

Bike theft is a big issue in Western Australia!  The police recover a heap of bikes from thieves and handlers and many of them end up going to auction as they cannot find their owners.  You [...]

Alchemy Cycle Trader a high end second-hand bike shop going above and beyond!

When the second-hand bike market is riddled with stolen bikes, tyre kickers, low ballers and scammers like the Gumtree Bike Bandit, a professional high-end second-hand bike shop like Alchemy Cycle Trader, should be right up there [...]

$3,000 Reward for the identification and arrest of the Gumtree Bike Bandit and the recovery of the bikes!

The cycling community has not forgotten about the Gumtree Bike Bandit (Mr GBB) and sellers will not feel totally safe until he is caught.  A benefactor of the Australian Bike Vault has pledged $3,000 in [...]

Meet our new partners and extra armour in the war against bike thieves!

We are very pleased to announce that we have secured a partnership agreement with the NanoTag Technology Pty Ltd team, headed up by Ian Allen the pioneer of microdots in Australia.  To learn more about [...]

Four bikes stolen in a possible targeted burglary in Belmont, Victoria!

Cyclists are by and large creatures of habit and unfortunately this can play into the hands of the Arch Enemy, who are always on the lookout for opportunities to exploit.  This can sometimes come from [...]

Armed Robbery and a Stolen Bike

There is a perception that villains who steal and deal in stolen bikes are just low-level opportunists.  In some cases that may be true, but in many situations the villains are involved in far more [...]